Body Pressure Mapping

Equestrian Application

Body Pressure Mapping can be applied to lots of different applications. Our Medical and Equestrian Systems are available to order and register interest!


The Technology

  • Scientifically accurate and precise data for developing the best saddle-fit on all makes of saddles.
  • An easy-to-use system that includes everything you need to fit saddles to fit most horses and most riders.
  • Real-time feedback about pressure points at any location in the contact region.
  • Cost-effective and reliable system operation
  • The equine system starts from £1495 + VAT & Shipping
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Body Pressure Mapping

Allows you to

  • Screen for pressure ulcers
  • Identify pressure on high risk areas
  • Perform pre/post surgical evaluations
  • Scientifically select the correct pressure relieving solution