Body pressure mapping technology is now capable of a lot more than it was before.

Previously pressure mapping for wheelchair seating was the only kind of pressure mapping available. This list is now ceaseless. From applications in the automotive industry, all the way to the medical industry, As you can see there are a lot of ways the pressure systems can be used for.

So What Is Body Pressure Mapping?

Body Pressure Mapping is advanced technology capable of visualizing live pressure points. Years of extensive scientific and medical research has resulted in the product development of the sensors.

Pressure mapping within the medical industry is a tool used by both occupational and physical therapists to determine seat interface pressure points and by other healthcare professionals to perform advanced foot assessments.

pressure mapping for wheelchair cushions

Pressure Mapping For Wheelchair Seating

How it works:

Pressure mapping works as a computerized clinical tool for assessing the distribution of pressure released by a patient. The way to use this technology is by placing a thin sensor mat onto a wheelchair, or alternatively the surface of a mattress. You can then get your patient to sit or lay on the wheelchair/mattress and a screen that displays the pressure of your patient will use colours, graphics, and numbers will then display this information. On our devices you can change the view layouts depending on what view as a business you would prefer to use. The vibrant reds will be areas of high pressure and cooler blues will indicate areas of lower pressure.

Why does it help:

There are many reasons that pressure mapping helps with wheelchair use. It provides you with live alerts and visual data that helps professionals see more in-depth information that can lead to professionals to correctly diagnose patients.

In one study 40 patients were assessed using this technology and found that 19 of them should’ve been using a different seating surface all-together. (

This technology saves the medical industry a lot of money by knowing the correct wheelchair to use so they don’t and to trial and error the process and our systems help by preventing further injuries to a patient.

What is a Seat Pressure Sensor

The technology used within our seat pressure sensor creates a user-friendly and affordable solution for evaluating pressure distribution data. The seat pressure sensor can be used for wheelchair fitting, chair design, ulcer prevention and any use where pressure measurements are needed.

The data is provided in real-time so there is no delay when awaiting results. The BPM seating pad is capable of gathering data on the seat surface, back and head rest simultaneously. This is then shown on powerful Windows based software, providing you with useful quantitative data.

If you are interested in helping your patients with seat pressure sensors and pressure mapping wheelchair cushions then give industry specialists Body Pressure Mapping a call on 07307 728 787.