PCDS People Counting Distance System

PCDS People Counting Distance System

The PCDS system is basically based on three components listed below. It manages the flow of human traffic through a screen that you place in the entrance of an office , store, shopping centre, restaurant, etc. It generates analytics locally (the perfect solution to reopening stores after COVID-19 Confinement)

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  • Sensing Mat (Sensor laminated rubber and grey carpet on top) 1 lane
  • FFC extension cord 3 meters long


  • Sensing Mat Adaptor and DataLogger (Sensor Raw Data)
  • Intranet & Internet Data Logger (RPi 4Gb)
  • Hardware Enclosure IP65
  • Accessories: USB textile cable connector & RPI Power Start/Stop Button Cable

PCDS LITE: Basic software services included- edge computing counting algorithm, front end visualization distancing solution, data storage of traffic data and administration configuration by a WIFI Access Point The system will allow us in the future to upgrade to new PCDS SERVICES to PCDS PREMIUM (available sometime within next months)


  • Tablet Holder Maclean Brackets - Maclean mc-645 - 1.13 meters -anti-theft device
  • Tablet 10" HD Android
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